MPs suggest traffic reduction ideas

Road congestion can be reduced if motorists pay more attention to traffic reports, according to politicians.

More demanding driving tests would also help, they said.

The Transport Committee, tasked with coming up with ideas to cut the amount of road traffic in the UK, also focused on individuals not adhering to the Highway Code.

The recommendations appear in the MPs' report,Out Of The Jam: Reducing congestion on our roads, and point to ways in which drivers can help themselves avoid having to use theirbreakdown cover by steering clear of concentrations of vehicles.

Committee chair Louise Ellman said data cited by a previous investigation showed that by 2025, traffic jams will cost the UK economy an additional £22 billion a year.

She said the behaviour of drivers needs to improve for congestion to be cut, and ministers should be clearer about where motorists can get information about traffic volumes around the country. And people should be making more use of systems which manage traffic across the boundaries of local authorities.

Ms Ellman added: "Improving the way we manage road space so that the network runs more smoothly is vital to the prosperity of the nation. Pursuing this challenge should form a key plank of central government transport policy."

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