MPs call for winter tyres on cars

Two Labour MPs have called for more vehicles in the UK to be fitted with winter tyres to help them to deal with the icy conditions.

Gisela Stuart and Jack Dromey said that the move will help prevent accidents, decreasecar insurance payouts and provide an impetus to tyre manufacturing units in the Midlands.

The call comes amid continued transport chaos in the country due to bitter wintry conditions.

Ms Stuart hailed tyres made by Goodyear, which have been successfully tested with excellent results in braking and in wet conditions. The tyres give drivers an extra six car lengths while braking, she said.

She told MPs during a Commons debate: "There is real evidence they are safer and they are better.

"They are manufactured with a larger percentage of natural rubber and silicone in the compound... and they have a tread pattern designed to cope with slush and cold rain as well as snow and ice."

She added: "They are also safer than any standard tyre in cold, dry conditions below seven degrees centigrade because the tread compounds heat at lower rolling temperatures to create grip."

Transport Secretary Philip Hammond on Tuesday said that people who can afford to bear the expenses of two sets of tyres should equip their vehicles with winter tyres.

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