MPs agree to hold petrol debate

MPs have agreed to hold a discussion over prices at the pump after an e-petition gathered 105,000 signatures.

Conservative MP Robert Halfon said he was delighted that the petrol debate was finally going to happen after three visits to the backbench business committee.

It has been set for November 15, with MPs likely to spend three hours deliberating over the prices motorists are being forced to cover.

With many motorists also having to shoulder higher car insurance premiums this year, the cost of running a vehicle has soared.

Mr Halfon said: "This is the most pressing issue for the country - it's causing misery for families, misery for businesses and it's creating a poverty trap.

"It's also the biggest break on growth in the economy because businesses are going bust because they can't afford the price of petrol."

FairFuelUK, a campaign group which has led the call for fuel price cuts and a Commons debate, has welcomed this decision.

Group spokesman and motor journalist Quentin Wilson said: "This debate will show the Treasury a cut in fuel duty won't actually cost them anything.

"They're losing billions because people are driving and spending less."

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