MP bids for drink drive changes

A Liberal Democrat MP has urged the Government to consider lowering the drink drive limit to help reduce the number of deaths on the road.

Further measures proposed by John Leech in the Road Safety (No 3) Bill include bringing in eyesight tests when driving licences are renewed and improving road worthiness of cars, which could help cut back on accidents and drivers' reliance onbreakdown cover .

Under the plans put forward by Mr Leech, member for Manchester Withington, the permitted blood alcohol level, which currently stands at 80mg per 100ml of blood, would be brought down to 50mg, bringing the UK in line with much of Europe.

MPs heard that the Bill would also improve safety for children by promoting the use of safe walking, cycling and public transport by pupils as well as establishing 20mph limits around all schools and streets with no cycle lanes.

Mr Leech's proposals were granted a second parliamentary reading on April 27 but are unlikely to become law due to a lack of time in the current Westminster session.

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