Move to scrap road safety rules

People can now suggest which transport regulation and road safety rules they want to scrap, as part of the Government's newly launched transport 'Red Tape Challenge'.

Road safety rules, such as the wearing of seatbelts for adults and children, speed limits on motorways and rural roads, and mandatory helmets for young horse riders, are some of those cited on the

The website states that "once the consultation closes Ministers will have three months to work out which regulations they want to keep and why. But here's the most important bit - the default presumption will be that burdensome regulations will go. If Ministers want to keep them, they have to make a very good case for them to stay".

Road safety charity Brake has raised its concerns over the blasé approach the Government is taking to removing life-saving rules. Road safety regulations, especially those related to seat belts and speed limits, have saved the lives of thousands of people.

Julie Townsend, campaigns director for Brake, said: "The suggestion that life-preserving road safety regulation is merely 'red-tape' belittles the importance of saving lives on our roads, and is an insult to the bereaved and injured victims whose lives are turned upside down by these preventable tragedies. It is akin to questioning child protection law, or any laws that prohibit violent, life-threatening behaviour."

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