Motorway service 'rip-off' revealed

Drivers fork out far more cash for common products at motorway service retailers than they would at high street outlets, a new survey has confirmed.

According to the poll conducted by What Car? Magazine, motorists pay "inflated prices" for items such petrol, food and drink at motorway service retailers.

The magazine reports that a WH Smith motorway services shop sold a 750ml bottle of water with a mark-up of 91% over its high street price.

Marks & Spencer was found to have raised the price of a bottle of water by a quarter in its motoring service outlet, while sandwiches and sausage rolls were also sold at highly increased prices by the retailer.

The survey found Burger King charged customers 12% more on its motorway outlets than its high street restaurants.

It showed that fuel was also more expensive at motorway services, with drivers having to pay an average motorway levy of 5.2% for unleaded fuel and 3.4% for diesel.

Consumers filling their fuel tank at motorway services will pay on average £77.00 more per year than they would if they filled up off the motorway.

What Car? editor-in-chief Steve Fowler said: "It is unforgivable for retailers to take advantage of motorists in such a brazen manner.

"With fuel prices at an all-time high, the 5.2% average motorway fuel mark-up is hard for consumers to fund, and a 91% mark-up on a bottle of water is utterly unacceptable. We suggest that all motorway users plan their journeys carefully and try to avoid using such greedy retailers as much as possible."

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