Motorway plan for learner drivers

The Government has announced plans to allow learner drivers to have lessons on motorways.

The move has been designed to reduce the number of motorway accidents involving young motorists, who may find it difficult to drive in traffic moving at speeds of 70mph when they have only just passed their test.

Road safety minister Mike Penning said learners would be allowed to drive on motorways when accompanied by a qualified instructor.

The change may help to reduce the number of car insurance claims among young drivers once they have passed their test.

However, motorway driving will not be introduced as a compulsory part of driving lessons as it would be impractical for learners living in remote rural areas.

Mr Penning cited the example of his own daughter, who would have been able to drive on a motorway within minutes of passing her test.

He asked: "Are we teaching young drivers to pass a test or are we giving them the skills to enjoy life on the road?"

Meanwhile, other road safety changes will see trainee driving instructors banned from giving lessons unless they are supervised by a fully trained colleague.

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