Motorway lights to be switched off

The Highways Agency has announced that lights on three stretches of motorway in north-west England are set to be permanently switched off from March 29.

According to the agency, the three chosen locations have a good safety record, and an assessment has shown that switching off the lights would not affect road safety.

Under the move, lighting will be switched off on a 3.8-mile stretch of the M58 between Skelmersdale junction 4 and Orrell junction 6, on a 5.5-mile section of the M65 between Dunkenhalgh Park junction 7 and Burnley junction 10, and on the M66 between Walmersley junction 1 and Simister Roundabout junction 4 (for approximately 6.6 miles).

The motorway junctions and their approaches are to remain lit.

The move is a part of the agency's efforts to cut carbon emissions and light pollution.

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