Motorists 'won't purchase online'

A new survey by Manheim Auctions has found that two thirds of drivers are not willing to buy a car online, despite spending nearly 18 hours researching vehicles over the internet.

A quarter of those surveyed said they would agree to a price over the internet after finding a car, but would not pay cash without seeing the vehicle first.

Craig Mailey, marketing director ofManheim Auctions, said: "Motorists are wary and despite the rise in the number of used car websites, we've found that consumers are not confident enough to make this sort of purchase online. As a search and research tool the internet is second to none and there's a wealth of information out there."

The survey also indicated that motorists spend time trawling the internet to find their next car, studying the best deals available, comparing models on a number of websites, and checking out insurance costs, tax brackets and fuel consumption for vehicles.

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