Motorists urged to fit winter tyres

Motorists urged to fit winter tyres

Cold weather tyres could prove a sound investment for drivers with winter just around the corner.

Micheldever/Protyre is issuing advice to motorists to help them cope more easily with the kind of conditions they have grown accustomed to in recent years, and the expected first snow of the winter for many this week.

Snow and ice on the roads makes driving more difficult and having the best tyres can make a telling difference. Motorists can help themselves, however, by accelerating and braking gently and using their gears to slow their vehicles down.

RAC patrol Kevin Andrews said: "UK motorists are largely unaware of the significant benefits of winter tyres. They can transform a humble family car into vehicle which could well outperform a 4x4 with inferior tyres and could make the difference of whether or not you make it through the winter without incident.

"When you consider it, expecting one set of tyres to perform just the same in the wide range of UK temperatures and weather conditions is a bit much to ask. A tyre that gives best performance in the summer won't perform as effectively in icy conditions.

"Winter tyres have a higher composition of natural rubber which ensures they remain flexible and 'grippy' at low temperatures and a tread pattern which aids traction and improves braking performance in wet and icy conditions.

"They could well be the best investment you make for your car and will last for a good number of years."

Micheldever/Protyre advises drivers to use their high gears as much as possible to prevent wheel spin as this can damage tyres or cause them to burst, especially when cars are stuck in snow or on ice.

If cars do slide, motorists should keep off the brake, clutch and accelerator pedals until they regain control. They should also leave more space between them and other vehicles to anticipate dangers and avoid accidents and potentialcar insurance claims.

Tyres should be checked regularly to make sure they are in good condition and have plenty of air and tread. The experts say fitting cold weather or winter tyres provides more grip and reduces stopping distances.

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