Motorists urged to check wet tyres

Motorists urged to check wet tyres

Motorists are being urged to check their tyres during the current spell of wet weather in order to prevent a multitude of avoidable accidents.

Tyre safety charity TyreSafe is warning drivers to make sure their tyres have plenty of tread to keep their vehicle under control and avoid aquaplaning.

Aquaplaning is caused by worn tyre treads as they are less able to clear water from the tyre. When tyres can't clear enough water they can be forced away from the road surface, causing a loss of control over steering and braking until the tyres find grip again.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: "Fitting winter tyres to your car will make it much better-equipped to cope with hazardous driving conditions. However, even if you stick with your regular tyres, you must make sure they're up to scratch.

"As well as looking for any obvious signs of wear or damage, check the pressure of each tyre regularly and also ensure that the tread depth is at least 3mm. And don't forget to check the spare as well - if your car has one."

The time a car is out of control is long enough to cause accidents, many of which will require avoidablecar insurance claims.

Many motorists have to drive on wet roads and even through floodwater so simple checks on the conditions, tread and pressure of tyres are crucial, Tyresafe chairman Stuart Jackson said.

Although the legal tread depth is 1.6mm, drivers are advised to change tyres at 3mm and fit the best ones that are available.

There is a huge difference between the likelihood of aquaplaning with tyre treads at the limit, than of 3mm.

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