Motorists shave on the way to work

Motorists shave on the way to work

An alarming amount of motorists leave the finishing touches of getting ready for work for the drive itself, according to a new poll.

The report's author, ISI Secure, warns drivers that such distractions are unbelievably dangerous.

Julia Konec, who undertook the research for the security solution provider, urged motorists to allow themselves more time to get ready before they get in their vehicles.

The poll found that 52% of UK drivers commuting to work admit applying the finishing touches to getting ready while driving.

The most common hazard is sipping hot coffee they should have finished off at home. Over three-quarters (78%) confessed to this habit, while 43% said they do so on a daily basis.

Other such rush-hour misdemeanours include eating breakfast (38%), applying make-up (22%), brushing hair (32%) and even a last-minute shave (11%).

Ms Konec said that some motorists check their emails and try and make up a work backlog, they should have finished the day before.

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