Motorists 'risk lives to save cash'

A survey has found that many motorists in the UK are risking their lives by putting off essential car maintenance costs in a bid to save money due to financial pressure.

According to the study carried out by car hire comparator, a third of drivers do not get their car serviced because it is too expensive.

Despite the imminent onset of winter's icy conditions, 20% of those polled said they have delayed changing tyres.

The survey of more than 2,300 drivers, who were questioned on their motoring spending habits, found that over 10% of respondents had switched from comprehensive car insurance to third party cover in order to keep costs down.

Over the last two years, almost a third had changed their car to a model cheaper to run.

The survey also found that over 56% now go to a cheaper, independent garage for servicing their cars than an authorised dealer.

Gareth Robinson, managing director of, says: "The past couple of winters have seen treacherous conditions on our roads, so drivers should think carefully about what they cut back on."

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