Motorists risk driving without MoT

Although an MoT is considered important for road safety, as many as 2.6 million drivers said they often take to the road without it, a study has found.

Out of these motorists, some 1.6 million think it is not wrong to make short trips without an MoT, while the other one million said they would drive any distance.

The study by Kwik-Fit found that 17 million passengers would not mind being driven in a car that has not cleared the annual test, which considers factors such as vehicle safety, roadworthiness aspects and exhaust emissions.

Also, 8% of male drivers said they are prepared to drive a car without an MoT, compared with only 4% of female motorists.

Drivers in the South East are most likely to take to the road without an MoT (7%), followed by 6% in Scotland, Wales and the South West and 4% in North England and the Midlands.

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