Motorists reveal favourite places to fuel up

Motorists reveal favourite places to fuel up

Supermarkets are proving to be more popular with motorists than dedicated fuel retailers, the results of a new survey suggest.

The research indicates that Asda is motorists' favourite place to fill up, although those questioned see Shell, Esso and BP as offering better fuel quality than their supermarket rivals.

More than three-quarters (78%) of the drivers surveyed say that the price of fuel is an important factor when it comes to deciding where to refuel their cars.

An analysis of the findings by customer experience management company Market Force Information shows Asda has a 63% price satisfaction rating compared to BP's 15%.

But when asked who they perceive as offering the best fuel quality, the largest proportion opt for Shell with fellow dedicated petrol sellers Esso and BP placed second and third respectively.

After Asda, Sainsbury's is motorists' second favourite place to purchase their petrol and diesel, the study suggests. Morrisons, meanwhile, is third favourite among the 3,900 motorists questioned, with Tesco fourth.

Cheryl Fink, from Market Force Information, says the findings suggest that traditional fuel retailers will have a hard fight on their hands as they strive to win back customers.

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