Motorists reject penalty increase

The Government's plan to increase fixed penalty notices from £60 to £90 has not gone down well with over half the motorists questioned by IAM.

The proposed extra money (£30 million) will be ploughed into a fund for the victims of crime and witness support, although 80% of people said they would have been happier if it had gone towards improving road safety.

IAM polled 1,129 people and 51% did not agree with the proposal to raise penalties, with 28% strongly disagreeing. A further 35% agreed with the plans.

The same poll questioned drivers about what put them off driving badly. A total of 68% said 'enforcement - the likelihood I will get caught', with 48% choosing 'the fear of the consequences in terms of causing death or injury to myself/my passengers or other road users in the result of an accident'.

A massive 80% said the rise in the penalty notice charge could reduce their faith in overall enforcement measures.

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