Motorists put cars before new home

Research has found that buying a new car is more important than finding a new house for a considerable number of people in North West.

According to the study, commissioned by, for some people vehicle purchasing holds more importance than finding a partner.

Local motorists take less than three months (2.74) to find out which car to purchase, while nearly a quarter (23.77%) of people said they require up to six months to decide on one. The national average is 2.94 months.

The survey, which involved 2,000 people, showed that one in nine North West car owners spend more time thinking about which car to buy than choosing a new house.

Meanwhile, 10.59% of people devote more time to selecting a car than picking a name for their child.

Louis Rix, marketing director, said: "Who would have thought that people would spend more time looking for a new car than they did for a wife? Or that buying a car was more important than giving your child a name."

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