Motorists 'prepare for winter'

Car parts retailer Halfords has revealed that sales of winter products have increased significantly as drivers prepare for the upcoming cold season.

Halfords said it has increased orders for its foldable shovels five fold due to massive demand from customers.

Snow chains, snow socks and traction tracks, which help tyres grip on icy roads, have also become increasingly popular among motorists.

The retailer also said that sales of de-icer, salt and anti-freeze have increased.

Motorists who are preparing for the winter weather should make sure they have adequatebreakdown cover.

Mark Dolphin, Halfords winter motoring expert, said: "There's always a rush for winter products when the cold weather comes. Unfortunately many leave it too late. Good preparation can help avoid breakdowns, accidents and save money."

He added: "Attitudes towards safe winter motoring are changing. We even sold a surprising number of ice scrapers and anti-freeze during the October heatwave as people began to prepare for winter in advance."

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