Motorists plan on skipping services

Motorists plan on skipping services

More than one in three (39%) motorists in the UK admit they are thinking of skipping their next car service, according to new research from Kwik Fit.

Almost half of all drivers in the South West (45%) admit they will likely skip their next service - the highest proportion in the UK. Drivers in Scotland appear far more prepared to keep their vehicles well-maintained, with only 22% saying they wouldn't be servicing their cars in the near future.

The survey also discovered that 10% of motorists 'never' check their tyres for wear and tear, while 15% are currently experiencing problems with their brakes but not looking to have them repaired.

"It is very concerning to find that so many motorists are thinking of skipping their next service - especially considering the number of drivers who don't make their own checks on their car," Roger Griggs, director of communications at Kwik Fit, said.

"Tyres, brakes and lights are all crucial to road safety, so it is vitally important that they are regularly checked, and not just left until the MOT is due," he added.

Cars over three years old need to pass a MOT test every year, with cars registered in September 2010 needing their first MOT test before this month is out.

Motorists who fail to take their cars for a regular service should make sure they have up-to-date breakdown cover in case their vehicles are experiencing hidden mechanical problems.

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