Motorists paying more at the pumps

The Government's fuel duty rises have come into force meaning motorists are paying an extra 2.12p a litre for petrol and diesel.

Adrian Tink, RAC motoring strategist, said: "April 1 is certainly no joke for motorists this year with this fuel duty hike.

"On top of this, prices at the pumps have risen again by over a penny a litre this week with the average price of petrol now 91.9p. This tax rise will take the price back up towards 95p and will only add to motorists' pain at the pumps."

He added the tax rise means the average motorist will now be paying a further £25 a year in fuel duty and it will cost more than £50 to fill up their tank.

He described it as a "bitter pill for motorists" and said it is last thing they need during the recession.

The RAC attempted to get the April 1 increase deferred, but was unsuccessful.

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