Motorists 'not prepared for winter'

Research by the British Red Cross has revealed that only 20% of British drivers are prepared for the winter.

The poll of 2,000 adults also showed that the severe winter weather in 2010 ruined the festive season for around one in two Britons, but less than 40% have prepared their homes for this winter so far.

The British Red Cross recommends that all drivers equip themselves with a winter kitbag, which should include a list of emergency contact numbers, a torch and spare batteries, essential medication, a first aid kit, three days' supply of food and drink and copies of car insurance and other important documents.

Sir Nick Young, chief executive of the British Red Cross, said: "Last Christmas many were caught on the hop by the extreme winter weather.

"None of us can predict what conditions will be like this year. But what we can all do is take a set of small, practical steps to ensure that we are prepared."

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