Motorists 'ignoring safety checks'

A survey has warned that many motorists fail to do regular safety checks on their vehicles.

A fifth of drivers never check their brake fluid while one in six fails to ensure that their brake lights are working, according to Automobile auction firm Manheim Auctions.

The dangers involved in operating their vehicles without proper safety checks are ignored by drivers quite often, the research said.

One in nine motorists doesn't bother to check their tyre tread, and 85% of them don't even have any idea of the legal tyre tread depth.

A fifth don't know why brake fluid needs to be checked regularly.

Many drivers even ignore the fact that points on their licence will lead to higher car insurance premiums.

"The police will, quite rightly, stop and fine cars with illegal tyre tread or broken brake lights. Not only will this be costly but the points on your licence will impact on your car insurance," said Craig Mailey, an official with Manheim Auctions.

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