Motorists 'fume over tailgating'

Motorists 'fume over tailgating'

The thing that grates on motorists most has been revealed as tailgating - when people drive too close to the vehicle in front.

More than two-thirds of drivers (68%) told researchers at Halfords that motoring too close makes them more angry than any other bad habit of other motorists.

It could also increase worries they will have to make a claim on theircar insurance due to a bump with the other vehicle.

Failing to indicate properly gets up the noses of six in 10 drivers, while weaving into and out of motorway lanes leaves 50% fuming.

Using a mobile phone at the wheel causes 42% to reach boiling point, while four out of 10 drivers despise traffic jams, travelling too slowly or cars that hog motorway lanes.

But three out of five drivers who were asked feel other road users are showing fewer bad habits than they did half a decade ago.

The findings are part of Halfords' Summer of Motoring campaign, which aims to help families who drive to their holiday destination.

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