Motorists favour Royal funding cut

Over half (55%) of motorists in the UK support cutting levels of taxpayers' money used to fund the Royal Family so that it can be used to fix the country's potholes, according to a new poll by Autoglass.

More than four out of 10 are in favour of slashing foreign aid budget if the money went to repair the UK's crumbling road network, while 11% called for reducing the spending on defence.

Fixing potholes and poorly-maintained routes is the most important task for four out of five people, ahead of adding traffic-calming measures (8%), increasing speed camera provision and widening roads (both 5%).

Two-thirds (67%) of those questioned said there are more potholes on the roads now than when they passed their test.

The poll also found that 61% of people highlighted speed humps when asked what had changed the most on the roads since they passed their test.

More than half (52%) said there are more distractions now, including satellite navigation systems and mobile phones and an increase in traffic.

Matthew Mycock,Autoglass managing director, said: "Clearly, potholes are the number one issue for millions of UK motorists, both from a comfort and safety viewpoint."

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