Motorists distracted by insects

A recent survey has advised motorists to take necessary precautions to ensure that there are no insects inside their car before start a journey.

The poll conducted by questioned 2,000 motorists and found that 40% have been distracted by a flying insect.

Spiders emerged as the main cause of distraction for 17% of motorists (21% of women and 12% of men), while 11% of those at the wheel have problems with small animals such as their pets.

Drivers unable to concentrate could put their own as well as other road users' lives at risk, which also raises the importance of keeping a comprehensivebreakdown cover in place, in case of an emergency.

The study showed that 13% have drifted into another lane while 7% have been involved in a crash.

A spokesman said: "The combination of dark nights and creepy crawlies can be a nightmare for some drivers. Being safe on the road is about making sensible choices about what you do behind the wheel so that you can respond to all of the distractions without putting yourself or other road users in danger.

"We recommend that nervous drivers take precautions before setting off on their journey by checking the places that insects are most likely to hide away, behind the driver's vanity mirror, behind the wing mirrors and behind the steering wheel."

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