Motorists 'change driving habits'

A new poll by car supermarket giant Motorpoint has found that almost two-thirds of drivers have changed the way they drive in an effort to counter the soaring fuel costs.

Of the 2,700 people surveyed, 64% said they have altered their driving habits in a bid to lower fuel consumption and reduce costs.

Despite a 1p cut in fuel duty in the March Budget, average prices have reached as high as 133.55p for unleaded, according to the RAC.

Motorpoint said that sales of fuel efficient super-minis have increased in recent months. There was a 30% rise in demand for Ford Fiestas since March.

David Shelton, managing director of Motorpoint, said: "It is clear from our poll that the cost of fuel is starting to have an effect on the way in which people drive, a trend that is likely to continue unless the Government changes its motoring policies."

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