Motorists can fly national flags

Transport secretary Geoff Hoon has secured a change in the law which will allow patriotic drivers to display union flags on their number plates.

Under this reformed law, motorists in England, Scotland and Wales can display their union flags - the Cross of St.George, the Saltire or the Red Dragon of Wales - on the left side of their number plates.

Mr Hoon said: "The display of our national flags is a healthy expression of the pride we have in our country.

"It is right that motorists are now able to celebrate this pride by displaying flags on their number plates and I look forward to seeing our national symbols on cars around the country."

Welsh secretary Paul Murphy commented: "Today the Government has delivered a commitment to allow the Welsh Dragon on to number plates. I hope the Red Dragon will now become a familiar sight across Wales and beyond as motorists take the opportunity to display their Welsh pride on their plates."

Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy added: "The Saltire is a proud symbol of Scotland which belongs to every Scot so it's right that drivers here should be allowed to display it on their licence plates."

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