Motorists advised over rental cars

Rental car customers are being advised to give the vehicles a thorough check and report any suspected problems to their suppliers before starting their journey to avoid paying extra charges afterwards., the comparison website, has issued the guidance after coming across instances where customers had to fork out additional charges for "wear and tear" problems that are likely to have been existing from before they rented the vehicle.

Getting a comprehensive excess cover on hire car insurance, one that covers damage to tyres and windscreens, was among the recommendations.

"While many people now take out excess insurance cover, some elements such as damage to windscreens just aren't covered with many suppliers, despite them being the most likely to be damaged," said Gareth Robinson of

"Make sure you know what you're getting with your insurance cover," he added.

Motorists were urged to spend some time inspecting the rental car they have collected to make sure there are no problems.

For issues such as a dodgy brake or a clutch, which are not visible but which may become apparent when driving, customers are advised to take the car back to the rental firm immediately and report their concerns.

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