Motoring costs soar in two decades

The cost of motoring has shot up over the last 20 years, according to official figures.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said both vehicle tax and insurance have gone up by 202% between 1987 and 2008, while maintenance costs have soared by 220%.

This has been compounded by a doubling in petrol costs between 1987 and 2000, which rose a total of 205% above the 1987 figure.

And those turning to public transport as a means of saving precious cash during the downturn will have to think again. Between 1987 and 2008, bus and coach fares rose by 183% and rail fares went up by 172%.

Figures show transport and travel costs accounted for 16% of all UK household expenditure in 2007.

Between 1997/98 and 2007, expenditure on petrol, diesel and other oils rose 11%, but the purchase of cars, vans and motorcycles fell 13%.

However by mid-November 2008, the tax element of unleaded petrol in the UK was the fourth highest in the EU, at 68%.

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