Motorcyclists' bus lane request

The experimental scheme allowing motorcyclists to use London's bus lanes should be made permanent, a pressure group has said.

The trial period is due to end of July 5 and the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI) has asked Transport for London and Mayor Boris Johnson to keep it in place.

More miles were travelled by motorcycle in 2009 compared to other years as the scheme helped boost motorcycle usage in the capital. Cyclists were happy to share the lane, despite expectations from bicycle lobbyists that cyclists would not be keen on the prospect, while an interim report found the scheme had no negative impact on bicycle safety.

MCI acting CEO Steve Kenward said: "Given that the July deadline is now quite close, we are surprised that the Mayor has been silent.

"It is clear that allowing motorcycles to use bus lanes has been a positive step for motorcycling as a whole and a positive step for London, with increases in motorcycle use demonstrating this."