Motorcyclists breaking speed limits

An increasing number of motorcyclists are disregarding road rules by exceeding speed limits, Government figures have revealed.

According to data from theDepartment for Transport, as many as 50% of motorcycles had exceeded speed limits on British motorways, dual carriageways and 30mph-limit roads last year.

Figures also reveal that in 2009, 114,900 new motorcycles were registered, marking the lowest yearly number since the start of the records in 2001.

Though the proportion of licensed machines with an engine size of more than 500cc had gone up to 75% in 2009 from 45% in 1999, the proportion of machines of 50cc or lower had dropped to 11% in 2009 from 14% a decade ago.

The figures also reveal that in total there were 1.3 million licensed motorcycles in Britain by 2009 end, 87% of them being registered in England.

Motorcycles drove about 3.2 billion miles on Britain's roads last year - about 400 million miles more than 10 years ago, but well down on the 6.2 billion mile figure when biking was at its peak in 1960.

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