Motorbikes 'popular way to commute'

Motorcycles may be surpassing bicycles and cars as the most popular way to travel, a survey has found.

Research by the National Travel Survey shows that people who own motorbikes use them to commute daily, riding them for a third (35%) of the time they go out travelling.

According to the survey, motorbike riders make a trip once a day on average - an 88-mile journey spanning three hours per week.

More than half (51%) of bike journeys in 2009 involved commuting from one place to another. Only 33% of all bicycle trips and 20% of all car tours were followed the same purpose.

Steve Kenward, CEO of the Motorcycle Industry Association said: "The Government's own survey has shown that powered two-wheelers have an important role to play in providing a cost-effective mode of transport that can reduce congestion and help get people to work more efficiently and on time."

He added: "If employers helped with secure parking and locker facilities, this would go a long way to encouraging more people to use a bike or scooter for commuting and will help to ease congestion and ensure a less-stressed workforce."

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