Motorbike crash barrier installed

A new crash barrier designed to reduce injuries and fatalities amongst motorbike riders is to be tested in Co Durham.

Currently roadside barriers are designed to retain cars, vans and trucks but can be deadly for motorcyclists, who have not benefited from recent safety developments such as airbags and crumple zones.

Engineers from Durham County Council are completing the installation of a new style of roadside crash barrier on the A689 road, close to the entrance to Killhope Lead Museum in upper Weardale.

Further installations at other sites are planned once the new barrier is established at Killhope.

A police spokesman said safety methods will continue to be researched, with possibilities including special padding fixed to road signs and lampposts in vulnerable positions.

The spokesman also revealed the council has added extra bauxite to road paint to improve the grip of yellow and white lines, and is looking at ways of making drain covers and manholes less slippery.

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