Motor industry urges more support

The motor industry has appealed to the post-General Election government to continue supporting the country's car business.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) also urged the government to raise employment opportunities and boost skills through increased investment in science, engineering and technology.

Chief executive Paul Everitt stressed that the motor industry in the UK has managed to maintain itself with Government support through the recession and "is now looking to exploit a strengthening economic recovery".

He said: "The UK has a great opportunity to strengthen its automotive supply base and capitalise on the transition to ultra-low carbon vehicle technologies.

"The next government must commit to continuing the work of the Automotive Council and actively support measures to improve skills, encourage more investment in R&D and rebuild business and consumer confidence."

New figures revealed by the organisation show that the UK is currently the fourth biggest automotive producer in Europe, having manufactured more than two million engines and a million cars last year.

The industry's employment support to the country's economy stood at over 800,000 jobs, according to the figures.

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