MOT test shake-up sparks fears

Road safety campaigners have expressed fears over the move to change the frequency of MOT tests.

The Government's plan to reduce "the burden" of the MOT test will result in 250 additional road deaths a year, experts say.

According to the existing guidelines, the MOT test is required annually for cars three years old or more. The move to revamp the system has angered road safety, motoring and industry groups.

A total of 25 organisations have launched a campaign against the move to change the road readiness test frequency. It has also been pointed out that 40,000 jobs in the MOT industry could be at risk as a result of the latest proposals.

Frequent road readiness tests might help people to avoid making car insurance claims by ensuring their vehicles are in good working order.

"Downgrading the system so MOTs are only required every two years is a nonsensical and inhumane policy that would mean many more needless tragedies," said Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive of road safety charity Brake.

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