MOT repair costs 'nearly double'

The average cost of repairing a vehicle which has failed its MOT test is nearly double the £82 average of 18 months ago, a survey has found.

Halfords Autocentres calculated the average figure now to be £143, as part of a survey which found that 11 million motorists are unprepared for their annual MOT.

The vastly increased cost comes as another burden to motorists who already have to contend with other necessities such ascar insurance andbreakdown cover .

Most MOT failures arise from failure to check "the simplest things which regular servicing would take care of", said marketing director Rory Carlin, adding that problems which could have been solved relatively cheaply can grow bigger and much more costly if left unattended.

Nearly a quarter of owners (23%) said they simply hope their car will pass, and almost a fifth (18%) give "a cursory glance around the car" prior to the test.

However, 40% of vehicles failed the test last year, compared with 37% in 2009. This amounted to 930,000 more vehicles.

It appears from the survey that many drivers panic when they receive the test reminder notice, as 38% admit to delaying booking until just beforehand.

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