'Most reliable' UK cars revealed

The BMW 3 Series has raced past a number of competitors to be named the most reliable company car in the UK, in a survey by

The annual survey of almost 1.5 million vehicles owned or managed by the 50 largest contract hire firms in the country honoured Honda as the company with the best overall reliability record as a carmaker.

In the poll, which is a yearly report on the contract hire and leasing sector in the UK, Ford Transit was named the most reliable commercial vehicle, with Ford earning the title of manufacturer of the most reliable vans.

Closely following the BMW 3 Series, Honda Accord placed itself in second position, with Audi A4 a spot behind.

German and Japanese car brands took the top 10 positions by storm, although three of the Japanese brands mentioned were built in the UK.

The Sunderland produced Nissan Qashqai was the top positioned British-built car that made it to number four, while Toyota Avensis, built in Burnaston, graced the eight position, with Swindon's Honda Civic coming in on number nine.

A number of British vehicles made it to the top 10 in the commercial vehicles list, with Southampton's Ford Transit at the top, with the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter speeding to second place, and Ford Transit Connect on number three.

In a section of the poll, firms contributed by nominating the most reliable cars and vans on their fleets.

Owners of the above-mentioned cars should take extra care that they do not overestimate the potential of their vehicles. Though the cars have been named the most reliable, drivers should make sure that an effectivecar insurance policy is in place before heading out on to the road.

Stephen Briers, editor,Fleet News, said: "Businesses that depend on vehicles take reliability very seriously, and can't afford downtime through breakdowns that incurs extra costs."

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