Most motorists 'fear auctions'

Motorists have been urged to ward off their general misunderstanding about buying a used car at auction, after a survey found that more than half of buyers consider it a scary experience and are missing out on great bargains because of it.

According toManheim Auctions, as many as 85% of motorists have never considered visiting an auction.

However 75% of those who have bought at auction thought they had a great experience.

Craig Mailey, client services & marketing director at Manheim Auctions, said: "It's a common misconception that an auction is an intimidating place to buy a car.

"People mistake the auction environment as a shady place where shady deals are done and many consumers have never even considered buying a car at auction."

In an effort to dispel the myths surrounding auctions, Manheim's has offered a few tips to make buying of used cars easier.

Some of the top tips offered include visiting an auction centre as an observer to understand the sales process, obtaining a catalogue of vehicles listed and listening to the auctioneer for details of the cars.

Motorists have also been warned to stick to their budget and not to get carried off by the bidding process.

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