Most drivers still use printed maps

Most drivers still use printed maps

Traditional maps are still the first choice for British motorists when it comes to navigation.

A survey of 23,824 drivers by Populus reveals that the majority prefer the printed version to the modern in-car satellite navigation system - but only just.

Some 63% of those polled have used a printed map during the last six months, while 60% have used a sat nav.

Younger drivers are much more likely to use the high-tech devices, with just 9% of over-65s ditching printed maps altogether.

"Technology has brought us in-car navigation systems to make getting around without a human navigator far easier," said Mike Parker, author of the Mapping the Roads report.

"However, there are numerous tales of those who rely solely on this technology finding themselves in either completely the wrong location or on inappropriate roads for their vehicles.

"With a good map, you can quite literally see the bigger picture."

Just 17% of drivers rely on sat navs alone, although this figure is as high as 43% among 18-24 year olds.

Some 11% plan theirjourneys with a map and take written instructions with them just in case their technology fails them.

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