'Most drivers' speed on motorway

The majority of motorists in the UK exceed the motorway speed limit of 70 mph, a new survey reveals.

According to the study by Autocar, almost 95% of drivers speed on motorways, with most interested in reaching their destination more quickly than environmental issues.

People could risk higher car insurance premiums because of speeding convictions.

The survey was conducted as the Government announced that it is considering to raise the 70 mph speed limit on the motorway.

Some 41.5% of respondents supported the Government's plan.

However, 19.3% said the coalition's green credential's would be harmed by raising the speed limit.

Only 3.5% of people said they never exceed the 70 mph limit, while 1.9% said they were not sure as to whether they had broken the limit.

Jim Holder, Autocar editor said: "With such a high proportion of motorists breaking the speed limit, it seems that Prime Minister David Cameron looking at raising the motorway speed limit will be popular with the motorist.

"However, if David Cameron wants a real vote winner, he'd be better off putting something back in motorists' hard hit pockets by cutting fuel duty."

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