Most drivers crashing close to home

Research has found a majority of drivers involved in road accidents crash within five miles of their home.

A poll by insurance company found two in three collisions happen within five miles, but nearly a third of crashes happen less than a mile from home.

The survey of 3,800 people also indicated that hitting parked cars was the number one cause of accidents within a mile of a driver's home, followed by crashing while coming off a minor road, reversing into a vehicle and hitting a wall.

Only 5% of accidents occurred 26 to 50 miles from home, and 6% at distances of more than 50 miles away. managing director Brian Martin said: "It is so important to keep a full level of concentration when driving, whether you're just popping to the shops or starting or ending a longer journey. These results emphasise this even more."

"It is vital people stay alert and avoid complacency when driving close to home."

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