Most cars 'not stored in garages'

Less than a fifth of the country's cars are stored safely away in a garage through the night, new research suggests.

While vehicle crime could force people to makecar insurance claims, figures from the RAC Foundation show that only 19% of cars are placed in a garage at night.

This is despite the fact that two-fifths of households are currently able to access a garage.

Many of those polled by the organisation said they fail to park their cars in garages because they store possessions in them.

Commenting on the findings, RAC Foundation director Professor Stephen Glaister said: "Perhaps it is time to reconsider using the humble garage for what it was intended."

At present, 53% of cars are parked on people's drives, while 25% are left on the street overnight. A further 3% of vehicles are said to be stored elsewhere.

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