Most advice calls over dodgy deals

Most advice calls over dodgy deals

Citizens Advice has found that over half of the people seeking help over "dodgy deal" second-hand car purchases found faults with their cars within just a month of purchase.

The group found that a total 83% of the 2,519 related complaints in the first half of September were centred around faults, with 139 cars fit only for scrapping.

Drivers were found to have dished out more than £363 million on dodgy cars; some with smoke coming from the engine, corroded brake pipes and snapped clutches.

Common problems also included substandard services, misleading advertising and wrong information given about the car.

During the first fortnight in September, 53% of faulty cars proved themselves to be problematic within a month of purchase and four-fifths required vital repairs.

Such problems make it more essential than ever to ensure you have a good breakdown cover deal.

Citizens Advice reported having assisted with more than 84,000 problems with second-hand cars in the last year, making it the most complained-about problem to the consumer service.

Citizens Advice, Citizens Advice Scotland and the National Trading Standards Institute are launching a campaign to help guide consumers away from buying dodgy cars.

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