Morrisons escalate fuel price war

The ongoing price war at the forecourts has escalated again with Morrisons announcing it is to cut a further 2p off the price of diesel and unleaded.

The cut will make the average price at the country's fourth-largest supermarket chain 109.9p per litre for unleaded and 121.2p for diesel and follows a host of cuts among the main supermarkets over the past two weeks.

The cuts have in part been driven by oil prices dipping nearly $30 (£15) a barrel in the past month as slower economic growth reduces global demand.

A spokesman for the firm said the latest move meant it had cut 10p a litre off its diesel prices in the last 20 days, and 8p a litre off the price of unleaded on its forecourts in the same period.

It estimates customers will be paying up to £5 less for a full tank of fuel than they were just three weeks ago.

Phil Maud, petrol director at Morrisons, said: "When the price of crude and refined product falls, our customers are the first to see the price at the pumps fall as well, with no catches.

"This is another simple price-crunching reduction and shows yet again that we're committed to delivering real value for all our customers - whether they're filling up at our forecourts or shopping in our stores."

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