Morning after drink driving arrests

More than 50% of drink-driving arrests made in some areas last year were of "morning-after" motorists, figures from a Freedom of Information request have revealed.

Shropshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire saw 55% of drink-drive arrests made between 5am and midday, according to West Mercia police figures.

The statistics, which came from a request by Autoglass, revealed 13% of drink-driving arrests made nationally last year happened between those times. Such incidents will leave guilty drivers vulnerable to greatly increasedcar insurance premiums once they are allowed back on the roads.

The figures were based on responses from 26 of the 43 British forces, with the total drink-drive arrests in 2011 reaching 39,259. Some 5,049 happened between 5am and midday. The arrests from Christmas Eve to New Year's Day 2012 saw 15% of drivers concerned being caught in that seven-hour window.

The Metropolitan Police figures showed the biggest number of drink-drive arrests for 2011 overall, at 10,411, with 1,191, or 11.4%, caught from the seven hours to midday.

Hundreds of thousands of motorists could be risking their lives and those of others by driving while still over the limit in the morning, said Autoglass managing director Matthew Mycock.

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