More time spent on car than partner

Five million motorists in the UK maintain their cars for up to two hours a week, while only two and a half million spend up to two hours each week maintaining their personal relationships, according to a new study.

The research by Shell also revealed that one in eight Britons has a special name for their car, with Trevor, Orla and Bettsi among the most popular.

Around one in seven (14%) said they shared their first kiss in a car, while one in eight (11.7%) said their car reflects their personality and is more to them than just a means of transport.

And almost one in two male drivers in the UK (48%) said their car was their most valued personal possession.

This compares to only around a quarter (27%) who said their wedding ring was the most valuable item they owned, and another 24% who said their family pet was their most treasured personal possession.

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