More than half 'unhappy commuters'

With motorists spending an average of 47 minutes a day commuting to and from work it may not come as a surprise that a recent survey has shown some 60% get angry driving to work.

Londoners particularly resent the daily commute, according to the research by, with 70% unhappy travelling while the regional average of 56 minutes.

Of the 3,000 commuters surveyed, those in the north east England seemed to be the most relaxed as just half of those who drive to work get angry.

The shortest journey time, at 40 minutes, was for people in south west England who unsurprisingly pay the least on petrol at £412 annually.

Overall, commuters spend £454 a year on fuel (£37.85 a month) but East Anglia tops the chart with about £490 a year spent on average.

Of those who had to pay for parking at work (20%) the average cost was nearly £20 a week or £1,039 a year but again Londoners paid more annually at £1,421.

Some 72% of those surveyed travel to and from work on their own.

"Maybe we should see the commute as a chance to have some time to ourselves and prepare for work, or to wind down on the way home," suggests the firm's managing director Brian Martin.

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