More tax dodgers in Northern Ireland

More people evade motor tax in Northern Ireland than anywhere else in the UK, figures reveal.

According to the Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA) three times as many people avoid paying car tax in Northern Ireland than in the rest of the UK, despite figures having fallen 10% in the province since 2002.

But the authorities are planning to take action against the offenders with Operation Evader. The campaign will run for 28 days targeting untaxed vehicles.

A pilot test in Belfast in September last year found and clamped 320 unlicensed vehicles. Owners of such cars must pay £260 before they are released or £100 with production of a valid tax disc.

DVA chief executive Brendan Magee said: "It's only fair that we do all that we can to catch the small minority who are determined to act irresponsibly."

"It's not just about collecting the tax due, over half of the vehicles detected with no tax also had no insurance and four out 10 vehicles of testable age had no current test certificate and therefore were potentially unroadworthy."

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