More needed to make cycling safe

Over half of the British population believe that cycling is unsafe, an MP said in a debate on cycling at Westminster Hall.

Numerous MPs from a variety of political parties took part in calling on the Government to do more to make the roads safer for those on bikes.

They said the Department for Transport should do more to make the roads more accessible to bike users by making lorries safer, changing junctions and giving more training to cyclists.

Liberal Democrat Julian Huppert chaired the discussion, which had a higher attendance than the Commons chamber.

Mr Huppert said that riding a bike was "fundamentally safe" but more needed to be done to encourage people to feel safe.

He said: "Despite the actual safety of cycling, 50% of the British public feel urban roads are unsafe to cycle on."

The more cyclists there are on the road the safer it is and a debate was necessary over the needed changes, he added.

"It's not just about spending large amounts of cash, there are lots of small changes that will improve things for cycling."

Mr Hupperts also said that around £10 per person would need to be spent each year to get cycling up to European standards.

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