More motorists opt for roof boxes

Roof box sales are surging as motorists increasingly lug around heavier travel packs in smaller cars, according to a study.

Retailer Halfords said the sales of roof boxes, which went up by more than 13% in the past three months, are indicative of changing lifestyles.

Its survey of 3,200 motorists found that the average person taking a holiday carries 140kg more in their car than five years ago. The additional baggage is the equivalent of two extra people or around 15 full suitcases.

The growing preference for fuel-saving smaller car means many drivers need a roof box or a roof rack to stow the extra items that will not fit into the boot.

The survey shows roof boxes are holding everything from "indispensable" items such as portable TVs, bikes, tables and chairs, fire extinguishers and carpets to the more unusual flagpole and portable toilet.

Around 60% of the respondents said they take more things along when going on a break than five years ago. According to 70% of the drivers, "mum" is to blame for the excess baggage.

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